Ask Scotland
Dude, Nessie is a cryptid, she isn't real. B(

"Well, me an’ th’ Cryptid give ye a big feck aff."

Do you always wear a kilt? Isn't a bit breezy down there~? Haha. On a another note, I love the Prince Charlie coat look, actually thinking about wearing it to my senior prom next year. (I'm a girl, but I don't care what others think!) also got myself a top hat from this lovely Scottish imports store.

Nae alwey’s, loove, bot, w’en th’ tiem com’s, Ahm shoor yool look bonnie as a mornin’ in May~

I hate you, your accent, the way you smoke your cancer sticks, your arse, and everything about you.-England

Kiss ma fabulus arse, bitch

IM me on Yahoo Msngr it's important. my username is wilsonneslerss121389

OOC: I’m sorry, but I can’t do that without knowing who you are. If you want to send a message unanoned, I can, and I won’t publish the message. I just can’t go around messaging anons. I don’t really trust them.

Will you play rugby with me? No one here in town knows how to play. All they can play is American football.


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ooh, ye filthy slut, ye~

How's Nessie?



Re’lly doin’ well, con’sidrin. Aye mean, we git less an’ less daf’ Americans comin’ tae look fer ‘er, so et’s easier tae keep ‘er good an’ ‘idden.

What is your relationship with England?

Et’s sor’ o’ loch a verra disfunct’inal marriage. Ahm well aware tha’ freedom is a bit beyon’ ma reech a’ this poin’, an’ knowin’ th’ power th’ wee shit still ‘as, Aye try nawt tae cause tae much trouble. 

Tae much political trouble~


Aye mean, w’en ‘e gawt ‘is own bank, Aye wannae’d ma own currency. So, Aye pitched a fit an’ Aye gawt et =3=

What's your favorite sport of your country?

Ahv gawt tae say Rugby. While th’ ‘Ighlan’ Gaems tickle ma fancy loch nae o’er, Rugby is a lawt moor full awn physical. Shoor th’ toss an’ shot put aar fun, an’ ye gawt tae be fit fer et, bot wot’ Rugby, et’s a lawt moor constan’ act’in.

Hi I'm scottish.

You're not, stop butchering our dialect ;P

Piss aff, dick, if ye cannae come aff o’ anon tae say et, yoor words ammoun’ tae shit awn a Sunday mornin’ >:U